Roger Federer showed up for in 2009 Australian Open with the corporate cut - perhaps the shortest he's had it in his career.
Makes him look older, somehow, doesn't it? Very grown up.
And it got us to thinking about all the cranial transmogrifications over the year. Federer never attained hottie status (at least in certain quarters, including this one) until he ditched the bangs.
There was the Carlos Moya wannabe/bad Euro rock star phase:

There was the GQ phase (our favorite), and the "run my hair through my silky bangs" phase.

There was the "what was I thinking? This won't get me any chicks, plus my mom's gonna kill me" phase:
And all of, essentially, to go back to where it all started ...

Of course, we'd be remiss if we didn't analyze ALL of Roger's hair, so here you are. It looks like he's checking to see if it's all still there.

But with all that, we have yet to ask the pertinent question of the day.
When things get tight (as they almost did against Andreas Seppi in the first round), that's when Fed tends to run his fingers nervously through his bangs, over and over, blowing them up when he exhales, flipping them behind his ears.
It's a ritual by now; and we just hope he won't get distracted, when things get a little dicey, by raising his fingers up above his bandanna and finding ... nothing.
I mean, that'd be like Rafa buying his shorts three sizes bigger so there would be nothing to dig out, wouldn't it?


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