Facebook Illusions Galore!

An exciting news for all of you that use Facebook! Last night we quietly added “Optical Illusion of The Day” Facebook application to this website. If you don’t know what Facebook is, it’s the social network community, more popular than Myspace as of lately. To add Optical Illusions api to your profile, you just need to follow this link. From now on, new optical illusion will appear in your facebook profile each day! I’m inviting all of you to try it out, and please recommend it to your friends. You can easily invite them after you’ve added the api. For a test, I posted this “Drunk Effect” optical illusion, which should appear momentarily in your widget. What’s your impression of the API? Will you be inviting friends to add it? Please share your ideas. I’m very excited about this… Those of you who don’t use facebook, can still use our existing PC/Mac widgets.


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